UPM Students awarded by Telefonica for “Smart City Emergency Management”

Public safety authorities could make use of the application for locating people within a building in emergency situations.

City Sciences – Master Class on Ecosystem Planning

Salvador Rueda, director of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, will be at the headquarters of the Association of Architects of Madrid (COAM) next February 19 to speak about Ecosystem Planning.

UPM’s Platform for Experimentation on Smart Grids

The system consists of several elements (generators, consumers, converters and energy storage devices) connected by DC and AC buses, forming a smart nanogrid.

TRANSyT Mobility and Transport Newsletter – Sep 2015

The fight for the ownership of World´s Map Image: Map of the United Nations Development Programme, developed through Mapbox tools taking OpenStreetMap as a basis. The long reign of Google Maps might be at risk. In the last months the mapping industry is experiencing changes in which c

UPM will support the EIB in providing advisory services for implementing Financial Instruments

Forming part of a consortium that has won a 48 months collaboration (6M euros) to support the EIB in providing advisory services across all EU Member States, candidate countries and potential candidate countries.

Curso de Verano “Las Ciudades del Futuro”

Algunos retos, algunas soluciones, algunos ejemplos. Dentro de los Cursos de Verano de la UPM en La Granja (Segovia), 15-16 de Julio 2015

UPM Students awarded for Moncloa Smart Campus Platform

A team of three graduate students (Carlos Moreno, Marta Martín and Jaime Vegas), led by professor Manuel Alvarez-Campana, has been awarded a prize for its participation in the TADHack 2015 international hackaton, celebrated on 13-14 June 2015. The team presented the main features of t

First Data through the UPM’s Smart City Dashboard

Once completed the initial deployment of the first set of sensors, UPM's Smart City Platform starts to offer its first results though its open dashboard.

UPM colaborates in project for monitoring noise pollution in Malaga City

Malaga becomes the first Spanish city to accept UPM’s challenge on using ICT as a tool for inclusive noise management to reduce the health impact of noise pollution.

Urban vulnerability anticipated the economic crisis

A study by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Spanish Ministry of Development shows how urban vulnerability anticipated the economic crisis.