Ciudad 2020


CIUDAD 2020 aims to achieve a significant advanced in the areas of energy efficiency, internet of the future (IoF), internet of the things (IoT), human behavior, environmental sustainability and mobility & transport in order to design the city of the future: sustainable, smart and efficient.

CIUDAD2020 conceives, designs and implements a new paradigm of smart, sustainable and efficient city around three fundamental axes:

  1. Energy and Efficiency
  2. Mobility and Transport
  3. Environmental Control


This project expects to contribute to the known as the “20-20-20” targets approved by the European Commission- 20% reduction in emissions, 20% improvement in energy efficiency and 20% increase in renewables by 2020. Other secondary targets related to the project will also be considered as well as time to find a free parking slot, etc.

In order to achieve these ambitious targets, the Internet of the Future will be the essential element to foster the synergies between the above fundamental axes as well as the interaction with the citizen. The resulting bundle will create a pioneering approach that will allows CIUDAD2020 to be presented as a reference model for the development of the XXI European cities aiming to achieve quality of life, efficiency and sustainability. The consortium participating in this project has been selected in order to cover all the expertise fields faced by the project regarding to the Smart City, such as Internet of the Things, Energy Efficiency, Transport and mobility, to name a few key areas. The partners are nine companies (five large enterprises and four SMEs) in collaboration with prestigious Universities and Research institutes which provide a valuable Know-How to the consortium.

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